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Lockhart Olsen of Tweed Heads tells about his interests, and links to some Australian sites.

VK3ASE One Sixty Meter Crossband Radio

Program notes, history, and technical information on160m crossband transmissions from VK3ASE. Audio recordings of historic events and radio amateurs.


John Young provides descriptions of operating and obtaining an amateur license in Australia, and modifying public mobile radio equipment for amateur use.


Chris Arthur, based at Riddells Creek, presents station information, technical articles and projects.


Franki Van Neyghem presents details of his station, and a blog.

Shortwave Applications

Shortwave radio scheduling and QSL card manager software.


Nanda Kumar S shares antenna specs, along with photos.


Marko Cebokli offers 10GHz EME, TWT power supply, and Russian tubes and transistors data.


Italian amateur radio presents his biography, station information, photos and DX links.


William Dekker presents station and ham radio DX information, propagation, history, downloads, and links.