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Technical information about equipment, software, projects, and antennas by Michael Mellinger in New Mexico.

Halligan's Hallicrafters International

Equipment information, HF nets, and swap.

HT46 and SX146 Page

K3WNX has an interesting picture of his Hallicrafters HT46 and SX146 station.

Hallicrafters Radios Virtual Museum

A collection of classic and military Hallicrafters radios, each with pictures and specifications.

Chuck Dachis: The Hallicrafter Collector

Features FAQ, online museum and information about his book on the subject.

Hallicrafters SX-115 and SX-117

Tube-type amateur band receivers from dxing.com. Specifications and pictures.

SX-28 Restoration Project

By Al, W8UT – includes photos and description.

Hallicrafters SX-88

Information, diagrams, specifications, and pictures, for the Hallicrafters Model SX-88 communication receiver (1954).