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AI9NL – Harv’s Linux softwar

Harv's Linux software - Linux distribution based on Knoppix and designed for amateur radio use. Incl

MM Hamsoft

RTTY and MMSSTV freeware software programs by JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori.

Florida State Disaster Communication Ass

Communications support club. Includes club information, deployments, and repeater information and fr


Describes Marc Stroom's mobile HF and VHF station setup, logbook, location and Echolink. Roosendaal.

Project Oscar

International amateur satellite organization. Contains information about amateur satellites, operati


Linux software for the ham community, specifically xdemorse, a GTK-based application for decoding an

Radio Direction Finding Projects

A collection of useful and interesting projects for the RDF enthusiast by Joe Leggio, WB2HOL.


CJ Chapman shares software downloads, military activities and military history.

Scott’s Electronic Parts

Crystal radio kits parts and supplies.


Scottish amateur presents personal and station photos, information and gallery of rare DX QSL's.