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W4VEC Amateur Examiner Coordinator

FCC sanctioned amateur exam group lists its locations and exam schedule. Includes study materials fo

W5AM provides a biography, electrical engineering topics, detailed articles about getting started in

Worldwide Information on Licensing for R

Information on licensing requirements listed by country. Prepared by OH2MCN.


Alain Bartz presents personal and station information, QSL gallery, and links.

US FCC Exams – Europe

Information on United States FCC examinations in Europe.

Egyptian Radio Amateurs Society For Deve

Offers organization and membership information, callsign lists, QSL details and contact information.

US Amateur Radio Exams in Italy

Information on United States FCC amateur radio examinations in Italy, 2004 to 2010.

Amateur Radio Exam Generator – Ind

Industry Canada - Exam question generator that produces a unique examination for either a Canadian B

Amateur Certification Fact Sheet –

Industry Canada - Offers information on how to acquire a Canadian amateur radio license, call sign l

Metro Atlanta Exam Information

Listing of amateur radio exam sessions in metro Atlanta, Georgia, United States.