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Contains links including to weather radar reports and solar flux.

Harvey Radio Labs

Peter, SM5HUA's site about Harvey radios, with pictures and descriptions of many models, as well as

HAMIC – Ham Intelligent Calculator

Ham Intelligent Calculator - A simple and complex circuit calculator.

EchoStation Repeater Control Software

Complete repeater controlled Windows software.

Harvey-Wells TBS-50D

Picture and information about a classic all-band AM and CW transmitter.

Harvey Wells Bandmaster and Z-match

Web page about Harvey equipment including the Bandmaster Z-match.


Norway amateur Oystein "Paul" Eikedalen presents station and QSL information, photos and links.


Argentina amateur Edwin Nicol?s (ED) Koessler presents personal and station information, photos and

Telegraphy Friends Club

Information for active CW radio operators. Features club information and awards.


Czech VHF/UHF Ham Radio Contest Club offers contest results, VHF DX information and beacons overview