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Robert Hill of Pennsylvania, with information on ham activities, sports car racing, swing music and

K9JY WriteLog Contesting Software

Ham radio contesting software instructions and general contesting information.

K5DKZ – Antennas

Antennas - Information on antennas, including basics, trap dipole and am loop.


Maryland amateur David Stansbury, offers antenna calculators with diagrams and photos, Harford Count


Bill Smead of Kettering, Ohio, provides links related to his hobbies and interests.

Slovenian Software

Ham radio software written by Slovenian amateurs, and features logging, printing and utility program

HAM International Story

Provides photos and descriptions of amateur equipment manufactured by a Belgian manufacturer no long

Ham Log Book Program

Two free loggingprograms: Hamlogbook V5 and EZ HamLogBook V1.

eSSB – Extended SSB HiFi Audio

NU9N, John Anning provides information for SSB and ESSB audio transmission, receiving and recording/

Korean Amateur Radio League

Includes history of the League, awards program, operation in country, and a members area. [English a