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Soundcard Audio Tools and Toys

Free soundcard based audio applets for frequencies up to 20kHz.. Apples include: real-time spectrum


Alaska-based amateur with photos of the ham shack, past and present.

Ham Radio and More Digital Topics Radio

RealAudio archives of talk radio covering a variety of ham radio mode topics.


Tampico, Mexico amateur Carlos J. Guzman M. offers station photos and information, plus links.

N1NKM’s PSK31 ELMER page

Contains setup how to and tips, along with diagrams and photos.

Hoka Electronics

Information about a specialist range of standalone, DOS and Windows HF and VHF radio digital signals

ARRL: PSK31 Spec

ARRL: PSK31 Spec - Provides information on PSK31 including varicode characters, convolutional code a

QST Magazine

Monthly magazine of the ARRL with articles on technical advances, news, construction projects, conte


Japanese amateur shares his equipment list and station information, and photos. [English and Japanes


Japanese operator presents station information, photos and links. Includes a page on low pass filter