DMCA Notices

DMCA Notices in relation to website linking are completely invalid.

International and US Federal law is clear in that it is NOT illegal to link to any website, with or without the website owner’s permission. The only exception to this is where the link points to a website that is hosting, or providing content that falls under copyright or patent law, for which there are legal precedents in place. As such, the destination site would also fall under the purvue of the law. However, we would never knowing link to such sites in the first place and actively refuse listing submission that link to such sites.

When we we refuse to act under DMCA threats, the usual next step for the complainee is to contact our host. As such, we contacted our host regarding their policy, and they responded as follows :

….. simple hyperlinks to other websites or webpages do not represent violations of our acceptable use policy or U.S. Federal law. As such, we cannot take a position on this issue and will be unable to facilitate their removal.

Additionally, They also added :

……. You’re free to remove links or not remove links, however you see fit..

That said If you Would like your Link removed Please Send us Email to admin (at) If you ask nicely I will remove.